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The “GT” stands for “Go To”. This series has the same outline and sizes as our very popular NL series. The GT Series is a dramatically more responsive, controlled and smooth performance foil. 
The GT has more pitch control which is the up and down movement you feel when riding. Controlling your pitch helps you go faster with more confidence. 
This series is so responsive in the turns you can get the wing tips out of the water and recover with more ease, reducing over foiling. 
1. The Steps give the hydrofoil a more positive feeling through the water which leads to better pitch control. “Pitch control“ means that you have better control with the up and down movement of the hydrofoil through the water. Better pitch control helps you to go faster with more confidence.
2. The steps create less drag by disrupting the Wing Vortices.
3. The angled Steps help with being able to initiate turns and redirect the hydrofoil. This means you can turn easier and sharper!
4. The Steps help to stop overfoiling. This is accomplished by disrupting air travel across the wing surface when you get close to the surface of the water. The step helps to keep the air from traveling straight across the wing surface by disrupting the easy flow of air across the wing by having an abrupt contour change. You will notice that you can get the wingtips out of the water on turns and reconnect with the water flow more easily than other wings. Twist in wing tips also can help with this problem but the “Steps” are like Twist or Winglets on steroids



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