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The Go Foil RIDE is designed for the perfect balanced ride with a Go Foil foil set up. 

The volume is forward on the boards providing flotation so you can ride a shorter board, but still is easy to stand on. The flotation up front allows the board to stay on top of the water when you touch down. 

The decks are flat, easy to transition on and off the board as well as easy to move around on the board while foiling. The bottom is flat for easy and quick release to get up on foil. 

Soft rails help with getting on and off the board and keeps the boards from sticking when touching down. The tail has a little kick behind the boxes for quick release.



EPS core with full sandwich construction, built for strength. 

Innegra wraps the deck for added protection against dings. 

Airvent-provides no maintenance. 

Handle on the bottom for ease of carrying. 

Built with Tuttle Box or Plate System (ask us). 

Large deck pad, easy to stand on. 

Multiple strap positions (3 straps included), none, one, two or three positions-you choose. 


4’6 x 21,5 x 3 VOLUME 44 L

4’9 x 22,5 x 3,8 VOLUME 60 L

5’0 x 24,5 x 4,8 VOLUME 87 L

5’6 x 27 x 4,8 VOLUME 106 L

6’0 x 30,5 x 5 VOLUME 134 L


4'6, 4'9, 5'0, 5'6, 6'0

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