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How to assemble a Go Foil

How to assemble a Go Foil

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Congratulations, you just bought your Go Foil !! 

Now it is time to assemble your Go Foil (the mast, the front wing and the tail wing) and go foiling.

The video below is about how to put your Go Foil together and take it apart. This video also explains how yo use your supplied Foil Covers.

Extra info on Tuttle Boxes and which rubber mallet we recommend for your assembly of the Go Foil.

When you buy your Go Foil you get a mast/fuselage with a Tuttle Base or Plate Base, a front wing, a tail wing also called the stabilizer or stab. A Mallet, a screw driver and the screws are all included with your Go Foil.

To put everything together, take the mast and the fuselage, slide the front wing on to the fuselage and hit it really good with the mallet right on the tip. Look at and make sure it is lined up with your hole and put it in far enough so you can check out the hole and put your screw with the screw driver included.

Then get your tail wing, slide it on where it’s all the way tight and use the mallet to give a little tap. Make sure your screw looks like it is lined up with the hole and screw it with your screw driver included in the pack.

Then you are ready to go foiling ! 

Enjoy the fly ! 

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