About All Surf Import

We are dedicated to the best water sports brands.

Since its creation in 2009, All Surf Import has been constantly evolving, guided by the passion of water sports. Passion of water sports are what drive us at All Surf Import.

We import the brand Go Foil in France and Europe since 2018.  

Since the beginning, we developed a range of water sports brands for retailers and customers in France and in Europe who love beautiful and quality products for the best price.

Understanding consumers and ensuring the relevance of brands and products are the basis for All Surf Import’ business. All Surf Import has strong marketing skills and capabilities, including brand management and local retailer/consumer understanding.

We have the ambition to offer a complete range for retailers with the best brands of the market, with a permanent stock in our warehouse in Lorient (France).

For more informations about All Surf Import : www.allsurfimport.com

About Go Foil


Alex Aguera

Professional Kiter, Windsurfer, Designer, Founder, Partner

“I have spent most of my life on the water or in the shop trying to win a tenth of a knot. As foil technology improved, all the old ideas about what it meant to go fast on the water changed – radically. Since starting Go Foil I’ve seen kiteboard racing completely transformed. As exciting as Kai’s video is, it’s just the beginning.”






Mike Giblin

Professional Designer, Partner, Paddler

“Every five years or so hydrofoils seem to surface, then sink back into the depths. They’ve been towed with people belted to chairs, or wearing ski boots and powered by cyclist or jet drives. Some sports are essential, simple and pure – a distillation of form and function. This is what is unique about GoFoil. It’s just a foil, a board, and an endless ride.”

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